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40 Days in the Wilderness

First Day, Sunday,12th July,2020
Dawidkrom Akuapim, Eastern Region

Join us in a moment of prayers thoughout the 40 day period and be filled with the blessings of the Most High God. Closing date will be 21st August, 2020.

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Wednesday 2nd- Fri. 12th September, 2020
DAwidkrom Akuapim

Join Apostles Mission Church and let's atone for our transgressions. All participants are to pay a fee of Gh¢120.00 to the church's treasury. Book the date and be blessed.

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Annual Harvest 2020

September, 2020
Dawidkrom- Akuapim

Members of the congregation are expected to make a contribution of Gh¢500.00 towards the harvest.

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Feast of Tabernacle 2020

Opening – 24th December 2020 Closing - 1 st. Jan. 2021
Dawidkrom- Akuapim

Members are required to make a contribution of Gh¢150.00 towards the event.

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