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We invite you to join one of our Power Encounter Holy Spirit led meetings, where there is possibility of an experience to meet with the power and presence of the LORD JESUS, where a struggle-free deliverance from all sins can become a daily reality in your life.

About Us

The Power House Ministries and Apostles Mission started in the year 2004 as a house fellowship with four people in an office space at Medical Road, Ikeja, Lagos State where God of Trinity spoke out and named the church “The Power House Ministries” with this Bible reference Proverb 18:10. which says the name of the Lord is a strong tower and the righteous run into it and is saved.

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Stomach Ulcer Healed

My name is Sis. Toyin, married and from Abeokuta Ogun have had ulcer for many years. When I came for the 3days Holy Ghost Festival of Fire retreat, I complained to Apostle David about my inability to fast when it was announced that everyone should endeavour to fast during the program. Apostle encouraged me to have faith in God and that the LORD would heal the ulcer disease and also proceed on the fast the 2nd day without fear which I obeyed.

To my surprise, I was able to fast till the 3rd day of the retreat without food without any painful reaction unlike before. I also observed on the third day that the usual ulcer symptom had stopped, I appreciate God for this divine healing.

Sis. Toyin from Ogun State, Nigeria

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Our Mission & Vision

At the Power House Ministries & Apostles Mission, our vision and mission is to populate the Kingdom of the GOD of trinity; and depopulate the Kingdom of darkness.

Struggling with SIN?

Are you tired of confessing JESUS repetitively while you struggle in an endless cycle with sins and addictions ?

DO NOT believe the lie, you can overcome homosexuality and all other forms of sin. JESUS came in the flesh, suffered, died and resurrected to make this possible.

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