Our Administration

The administrative structure of the Power House Ministries and Apostles Mission is anchored upon the GOD of Trinity, who presides over every decision taken in the ministry.

The overseeing influence, presence, power and throne of the GOD of Trinity is reflected also in the way the altars of the headquarter and branch locations are built, to reflect the design principle of the GOD of Trinity according to the words of the covenant established with HIS servant whom HE assigns to use as a vessel to preside over the work of the ministry, the person of Apostle David Oluwapemi.

  • The administration of the church is headed by God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

  • Trinity God, the Chief Executive/Hosts head of the church, 

  • Apostle David Oluwapemi – Presiding Apostle & General Director, 

  • Prophetess Faith Oluwapemi – Assistant Supervisor and Coordinator.