Our Belief

We believe in the truths of GOD revealed in the Old & New Testament scriptures as revealed by GOD of Trinity in both the old and new testament scriptures.

  • We believe in the God of Trinity as the creator and owner of everything in life.
    Genesis 1:1-3

  • We believe that God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit that they are ONE person.

  • We believe Jesus Christ as our Lord and Personal saviour.

  • We believe in holiness within and without, that before someone will make heaven he or she must meet the requirements of heaven both in physical lifestyle, dressing, walking in holiness and practising righteousness.

  • We believe in the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and that we must not miss the heaven/rapture.

  • We believe in resurrection.

  • We believe that we shall reign with the Lord Jesus Christ on the last day.

  • We believe in all the commandments of God both new and old testament.

  • We believe that we must try all possible best to keep all commandments of God  and with the grace of God bestow on us we shall not miss it in Jesus name.