Our Brief History

The Power House Ministries and Apostles Mission started in the year 2004 as a house fellowship with four people in an office space at Medical Road, Ikeja, Lagos State where the God of Trinity spoke out and named the church “The Power House Ministries” with this Bible reference

Proverb 18:10. which says the name of the Lord is a strong tower and the righteous run into it and is saved. 

The meaning of The Power House Ministries:

  • Jesus is the head of the church 
  • Jesus the power in the house which we build physically and spiritually in terms of structure and which is able  to save souls, deliver souls, set souls  free from all their bondages.
  • The Lord said no matter how the problem may be once the person believes in the Lord God of Trinity and comes to this power house with the heart of repentance he or she, they shall be set free.
  • The Lord said this church is a place where God of Trinity recites forever.

In the year 2010 the Lord God of Trinity talked to the Apostle David Oluwapemi to add Apostles Mission to the name and told him details about the Apostles Mission,  the purposes and the reasons to continue the ministries of the Apostles of old. Mark 16:15-20, Matthew 28:17-20, Acts 2:1-4

Apostles Mission means the continuation of the same kinds of work the Apostles of the old did in these areas below:

  • Delivering people from their sin.
  • Cautioning and condemning the acts of sins and bringing them to repentance.
  • Announcing the danger ahead if they die in their sin.
  • Remind people about the Kingdom of GOD and the danger of hell fire.
  • Announcing the return of the Lord Jesus to receive the saints from the cloud.
  • Alert people to be watchful for the signs of the end time and to beware of false prophets that works with the devil for the purpose of the destruction of the souls of men in hell fire.
  • Demonstration of the power of God to the people in darkness.
  • Delivering people from the torment of the powers of darkness.
  • To be a faithful witness of the purpose of our Jesus Christ on earth.
  • To preach the sound scriptural based doctrine.
  • To preach the undiluted word of God.