Our Presiding Apostle

About Apostle David Oluwapemi

Apostle David Oluwapemi is an anointed minister of the Gospel; He was anointed by the God of TRINITY HIMSELF in the year 2001 when he encountered God of Trinity through visions, trances, dreams, revelations and physical signs.

He is the founder and the presiding Apostle over the
THE POWER HOUSE MINISTRIES & APOSTLES MISSION headquartered at Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. He also publishes spiritually edifying content for a global audience through his blog hosted at https://medium.apostledavidoluwapemi.com

He is happily married to Prophetess Faith Oluwapemi with the divine gift of children.

Prophetess Faith Oluwapemi, She is ordained by God of Trinity as a Prophetess of the church. She is an assistant to the Presiding Apostle David Oluwapemi, supervisor and coordinator of things in The Power House Ministries & Apostles Mission.

She is married to Apostle David Oluwapemi and with divine glorious children.